Noteworthy Projects

2008 Challenger 605 – Avionics Upgrade and Interior Refurbishment

IMG_7063   9B268522-5605-4720-9AF8-6971C9286454
We acquired four requests for proposals, negotiated, procured and oversaw the overall upgrade and refurbishment of this newly acquired 2008 Challenger 605:

– Complete interior soft-goods refurbishment
– Installation of Advanced Proline 21 including FANS 1/A+ (iridium), ADS-B and XM weather
– Gogo wifi installation
– Tail number change

1965 Turbine Beaver on Amphibious Floats – New Paint and Interior Refurbishment

56fe357a0       N995JG Turbine Beaver 084
We negotiated, procured and oversaw the refurbishment of this unique 1965 Turbine Beaver:

– Worked with Scheme Designers, aviation specialty artists and local paint shop to complete the one-of-a-kind paint design
– Coordinated with interior designer, owners and installer to create a warm yet rugged floatplane interior
– Tail number change


1945 TBM Avenger – Restoration

IMG_0161          Back Camera
We negotiated, procured and oversaw the moderate restoration of this beautiful 1945 TBM Avenger:

– Custom built, historically accurate gun-turret
– Historically accurate paint scheme representing the aircraft’s time on the U.S.S. Bataan at the end of World War II
– Engine Overhaul
– Propeller Overhaul
– Re-fabric flight controls

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