Aircraft Management

An aircraft can prove to be one of your greatest assets when it comes to a return on investment.  We say this because there is nothing more valuable than your time. An aircraft allows you the flexibility to maximize your time, whether personal or business, and capitalize on it. While the airlines serve approximately 550 airports on a predetermined schedule, private aviation provides you the flexibility to fly when you want and unveils access to nearly 4,750 more public use airports in the U.S. alone.

In order to maximize that valuable time, you cannot be held back with intricacies of owning, operating and maintaining an aircraft. Due to today’s increasingly complex operating environment, you need aviation management guidance and control in a wide variety of areas to not only keep you enjoying your aircraft, but navigating the process safely and legally. Here is a short summary of the services Vector Management, LLC can provide:

– Access to Acquire Industry Leading Legal and Tax Advisors
– Aircraft Acquisition and Sales
– Aviation Facility Management and Operational Logistics
– Company Operations tailored to IS-BAO Standards
– Emergency Response Planning
– Employee Procurement and Retention
– Flight Department Financials
– Interior and Exterior Refurbishment Oversight
– Maintenance Control
– Regulatory Compliance
– Safety Management System
– Scheduling and Dispatch
– Supplemental Management Services
– Worldwide Flight Operations

Vector Management, LLC can provide the necessary aircraft management and more throughout the greater Puget Sound area. Our goal is the only thing you need to worry about is showing up at the airplane. As you select your aviation manager, keep in mind that no two airplanes or their operating environments are always the same.


Fortunately, we have experienced a variety of them. Let us help you navigate through the joy of aviation in order to avoid the pitfalls. Whether you have a small piston, a turbine floatplane or a large cabin jet, we look forward to helping you as needed. Give us a call to discuss your aviation management needs!

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