Acquisition and Sales

The process to buy, sell, or trade your aircraft is no simple task. Aircraft have evolved over the years, but you still need an aeronautically experienced agent to decipher an aircraft’s pedigree. No two aircraft are the same and understanding the implications of purchasing an ill-equipped or poorly maintained aircraft are necessary in the selection process.  In summary, you need an experienced agent to analyze the market, assist you with selecting the right aircraft, and advocate for you in the transaction process.

When moving towards the acquisition of an aircraft there are three key elements in the purchasing process. Mission discovery, aircraft research and selection, and the purchasing process. In order to capitalize on this new asset in the right manner, you need a critical and experienced agent to properly address each of the elements.

Our goal is to find the “right-sized” airplane for our clients by thorough vetting, monitoring and execution of contracts by paying close attention to the details:

Mission Discovery
– How you plan to use your new aircraft? Typical destinations, passenger load, performance capabilities, cabin management requirements and other needs.
– Budget range for purchase?
– Providing fixed and direct operating budget with real-world costs.
– Logistical support such as hangar and maintenance options.
– Discussing realistic capabilities and limitations often overlooked, but present in every aircraft.

Aircraft Research and Selection
– Identifying candidate airplanes
– Market analysis and life cycle analysis to determine the right price
– In-depth onsite visual and maintenance record inspection prior to purchase agreement

Purchasing Process
– Contract understanding, negotiation and compliance.
– Selecting Pre-Purchase inspection facility and providing oversight including a full understanding of findings
– Seller’s onsite representative for closing
– Complete aircraft delivery ready for operation*

The last item is one that is often overlooked. While you may have purchased an aircraft, it is rarely ready for legal and safe operation after closing unless an aircraft manager is hired*. There are numerous items that need to be proactively arranged and complied with well prior to the purchase. Only a trusted aviation management company like Vector Management, LLC will work tirelessly to get you airborne on day one.

The opportunity to sell your aircraft is also met with the same thorough ideology. Market analysis, detailed aircraft review, marketing materials and proper pricing is essential. We offer every seller the same close attention to detail as the buyer noted above. The aircraft market is incredibly dynamic and you need someone capable of working through the variability to get your aircraft sold. Let us know how we can help you!

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